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This pistol has a lowered ejection port. Otherwise it's nearly a perfect clone of the post 1924 M1911A1 and does not have the firing pin block.

Inland Manufacturing makes a near perfect 1911 clone, the ILM1911. It is perfect in appearance but mechanically its not true to the original because it has the series 80 firing pin block. This one is nearly $500 more and is out of stock at nearly all the places I check as of 12/25/2019.

Tisas makes the Browning Hi Power clone and from the YouTube reviews I've seen people are very happy with those.

If the lower price appeals to you and you don't mind the lowered ejection port I'd go with the Tisas. While I love the correct appearance of the ILM1911 I really dislike the series 80 firing pin block.

If I had to choose, I'd pick the Tisas due to the cost. I could then leave my two Colt 1911s in the safe.

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