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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
That's been my experience... it's not so much to do with fouling as it is whether the barrel is warm or not. I find the same issue with handguns as well.
exactly right. Hot vs cold is not the same as clean vs dirty.

I had a Colt Agent (aluminum frame) a while back that at 10 yards first six shots were right at point of aim. Next six would be stringing down and right, and all subsequent shots would cluster 8" low and 3" right until it cooled off. Drove me crazy. Its long gone, I believe the aluminum frame had some sort of stress that allowed warpage as it warmed.

Ive tested a few rifle barrels in hot and cold temp swings. There is something to Cryo treatment, and barrel profile. Lightweight barrels with no treatment exhibited the worst point of impact shifts. I have not experienced any measurable POI shift with a heavy profile and cryod's barrel.
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