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Originally Posted by Imissedagain View Post
Check their website for slim bushings the appropriate grip screws.
I got mine ,Wilsons, from Brownells.
VZ's website or Brownells? I enjoy purchasing from Brownells as they will stand behind their products. In the past I really enjoyed having purchased multiple sets of grips from VZ grip as Keith always treated me well and would always give me a military discount.

I called VZ today, and they acted like I was crazy for even bothering to ask for Keith as he left last week for good and they didn't seem to be to happy to hear from me (asking for him).....forget about a military discount LOL....

Would you recommend O-Rings for your Grip screws? To the best of my knowledge, do you think it would be a universal bushing with whichever screws i choose?

I'm hoping to avoid having to purchase the wrong the

Thank you!
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