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Proper Grip Screws for S&W PC 4.25” 1911...

I decided to remove the aforementioned 1911 PC from the safe (photo on right). The pistol is great , but I don’t like the original orange and black wooden grips as I find them to be “too thick and without texture”.

I replaced them with some standard VZ grips that I had removed from a bobtail 4.25” Dan Wesson Valor.

However, The slim VZ grips don’t fit securely because of the bushing Length required for the original Thicker orange and black grips.

My question to the Those more worldly than I is, “what is the correct bushing type and screw lengths required and where would you recommend that I purchase it?”

As always, Thank you for any and all insight provided. it’s the most graciously appreciated.

Doc David
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