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Originally Posted by AlchemyCustom View Post
Our sales rep has the full size with the full length dust cover and loves it. He also has a friend that has the one you are shopping for. Neither of them have had an issue with their guns other than the mags. They come with STI mags and he's had several occasions where he's dropped mags and the takedown pin in the floor plate hits a rock and the mag flies apart. He recommends either not doing that or getting some MDX mags. Me personally...I don't drop a $50 mag in gravel. (just a simple rule I follow, like avoiding driving my Hellcat in a snowstorm)

Thanks for the info....I am curious as to whether the barrels are hand fit or drop in?...aside from that they look good and will prob. Be my next gun/10 year weeding gift from the wife....since I canít get a railed 9MM commander from Alchemy......
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