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Originally Posted by Kelpiemonk View Post
My heeler is a big softie until somebody puts their hands on me, then he leaps into action. It is a pain in the butt, because that person more likely than not is my wife being nice to me. Or my mother giving me a hug, and she is in her 80s.

I'd rather a dog that didn't guard, and if he did guard, I'd rather it just be barking. I don't need a lawsuit because one of my dogs got jealous.

The real issue is that most of the true guard dogs are livestock guardians, and they are really good at it, but they are kind of lame dogs to live with the other 99.99% of the time. The dogs people think of as good guard dogs are either herding breeds, like Shepherds and Mals, but they actually tend to work best in prey drive, and are more suited for chase and apprehension, along with short periods of guarding, but the guarding is very stressful for them as compared to the prey work. Think a dog chasing a ball versus a dog guarding its bone.

Most other "guard dogs" are just dogs with bad temperaments and little socialization who are scared of everything they see and bite stuff because of it. Think ghetto pit bulls and most molosser breeds.
Nailed it.

Mine described exactly

I was able to teach it to just bark ...no bitting ...very smart dog

She is very watchful ...of her pack
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