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what breed qualifies as a good guard dog ?

Everyone knows dogs are among the best criminal deterrents one can get. In hard/bad times, I'm curious what breed you guys believe would serve a guard dog role best?

I am thinking real hard about a fila brasileiro for this task. Yes they are big, and they will eat a little more, but from my experience really no more than a high energy dog like a shepherd. A good buddy has a great dane/mastif mix, over 200 lbs and he eats less than some labs I've seen. This is also true of another friends Fila. The Fila/mastifs are very hearty/strong dogs that I believe would far well in rough times, plus they will not out of boredom chew up everything under the sun. They are quite happy just laying around until the time comes to bite an arm off. They are great around & guarding other animals as well.

What say you guys?
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