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Unbiased 10mm Review

I just got a new RIA Tactical 10mm in today from the distributor. I took a gamble on the gun and ordered one without actually seeing on in person. So I though I would do my very best to do an unbiased review. I want to try to do a review of the gun alone and then I will try to compare it to my stainless Taurus which is very close in price at the $600 range.

First impressions after opening the box, aside of the ridiculous amount of oil all over the gun, was that the gun looked much better in person that it did in pictures online. With the VZ grips, it really gives the impression of a much high quality gun as opposed to the cheap junk wood grips that RIA usually puts on their guns. It was a a very nice touch.

After wiping away most of the excess oil off the surface, my next impression was that the magwell really looks cheap. It doesn't fit the frame and there is a considerable gap between the bottom of the grips and the top of the magwell.

The next thing I noticed was the sights. The fiber optic front sight is a HUGE bonus for me personally as I really enjoy a FO front sight. Looking from the side, the light tube looks orange, but looking down the sights, it presents with a red color. Just something I noticed. I was also surprised to see that the rear sight had white dots, which I really didn't expect. It's a nice touch too. It's easy to put the red dot between the two white dots quickly and easily. And even though the sights look similar to a combat style sight, it's fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Another big plus in my book! I love fully adjustable sights on my guns.

Overall fit of the gun is really impressive considering the bargain price of the gun. There was some noticeable side to side play in the slide to frame fit, but nothing that I would consider excessive. Another thing I noticed right off the bat that I wasn't especially impressed with was the plastic main spring housing. I'm not a fan personally, but it's something that I can easily be swapped out. HOWEVER, the back rear corner of the frame has had the point cut off at an angle instead of coming to a point like other 1911 frames. This leaves the bottom corner of the MSH exposed rather than being covered by the frame, so even if the MSH is replaced, it will still have the unfinished exposed look. Second thing that stuck out to me was that the bottom of the MSH did not fit flush with the bottom of the frame. The MSH sticks out past the bottom of the frame by about an 1/8th of an inch. I would say that the bottom corner of the frame and MSH area are the biggest eye sore on the whole gun.

After racking the slide, I worked the thumb safeties and they activate very easily and engage and disengage with a nice crisp snapping sound. But in checking the safeties, I found my second biggest concern about the gun. After squeezing the grip safety in a firm shooting grip, the grip safety sticks in the down position. The only way I have found to disengage the grip safety when stuck is by pushing up on the bottom of the beavertail portion. I'm hoping that this will smooth up, but it presents with a safety concern in my mind.

The finish is something that I will try to be as unbiased as possible about. I really dislike parkerizing. On this gun, the parkerizing appears to be very well done. It has a nice look and feel. However, there is a noticeable difference in coloring between the slide and the frame. The slide is slightly darker in color than the frame. Truthfully, it's not as bad as I had expected it to be.

I used my trigger pull gauge to check the pull weight. My gauge shows that the trigger breaks just shy of 5lbs. It's almost, but not quite 5lbs. I believe that it will lighten up over time and use.

But those are my initial impressions of the gun from a gun owner who had a bad experience with a Citadel Compact in the past. I tried to be as unbiased as possible in my overall review of the pistol by itself. I hope to do the comparison to the Taurus in the next couple days when I have more time.
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