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Originally Posted by Ares45
I've found that if you over tighten the two bolts holding the primer feed assy to the press it can cause the primer bar to stick. Try backing off the bolts a half turn or so and letting the primer assy float a LITTLE bit.

Between regular cleaning w/ alcohol, a little graphite powder, and freeing up the primer assy my 550primer system runs smoothly about 99.8% of the time.
I've been fighting this same problem for over a year; two calls to Dillon, replaced the operating rod, and plastic tip on mag tube to no avail. I have not considered these blots being overtight!! I'll try this.

One thing that helps is to really clean (almost polish) the bottom of the primer bar. And if you don't have a "full" and firm down stroke when pulling the handle the primer bar may not travel completly back to pickup the primer.

BTW on my last call to Dillon I asked about buying the plastic tips for mag tubes and they sent me 5 large and 5 small FREE.
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