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Late to the party, again. We have 2 fridges and a stand up freezer. Veggies that do not get canned get frozen. This includes veggies, berries and peaches (only thing that produces in the orchard right now) I have the extensions to run all three cooling machines with the 8 kw generator or can cool all three on 20 amp circuits from the solar generator. We can almost everything based on modern safe canning practices. HH6 keeps up after those. We grow a lot of squash and pumpkin that keep well into the winter. We ate the last spaghetti squash in Jan of this year from the 2019 garden. Peas green beans of all types all get frozen or canned beans are much better canned, IMHO.

I also have the requisite canned food and dried foods (Mountain House). We also buy fresh pork from the neighbor and have it processed at the local locker. No drugs or chemicals in any of it.
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