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Originally Posted by wccountryboy View Post
Metals fluctuate, on the whims of the moment... however, when paper currency has no value, hard coin can still buy something from one who has a surplus and faith in a future.
During WWII, the Deutsche mark was hyper inflated- 10,000,000 DM notes were pocket change... a quality ounce of gold coin could feed you for a few weeks- or convince a Nazi officer to turn a blind eye, that you weren't worth his time....

The "value" of gold or silver changes with the situation of the times, not just current "cash" marks value... like every medium of exchange, its predicated on faith in the current, and future, value of that medium- at that time.

Commodities, in the modern world, fluctuate in value on a daily basis.

Good points that should be kept in mind.
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