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Originally Posted by Vintage68 View Post
I work with a guy who's similarly smug as the OP. He believes he's been vindicated by being a "prepper." He's also fat, has bad teeth, drinks several Cokes every day, and smokes.

I find it interesting that people like you equate being prepared with basically being shopaholics and hoarding. No one equates being "prepared" by having your teeth cleaned every 5-6 months, exercising regularly, and living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you do all this too, but in your smug post I assume you would have gone out of your way to mention that as well.
There are some good takeaways here. There's more to being prepared than just having "stuff" .. Knowing how to use that stuff is critical, as are the more subjective issues- health, fitness, lifestyle choices (good or bad), and overal mindset and attitude....

Too often, we get wrapped around "stuff", and neglecte the rest. Every so often, we have a "Civil War 2.0" thread here. Its amazing the number of people willing to go to the mat.... yet, given what one can glean from reading here over time, thw vast majority lack the basic health and fitness to be of much use. Most are older, overweight, and/or have other health problems- and they think military activity is all about shooting.
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