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Originally Posted by NonHyphenAmerican View Post
Most of my Neighbors, Friends and even some Family Members don't know how much I've "Prepped". That's always been "Need to Know". Most people don't need to know.

But many people I do know, are familiar that being an Eagle Boy Scout, I believe that "Be Prepared" is a good motto to live by. Some of them paid attention. Some of them, especially some of the youngsters that worked for me before I retired have thanked me for teaching them some Common Sense "Be Prepared".

As for the current issue, I firmly believe that Being the Neighbor I'd want to have is the way to do things.

So while I've got a well stocked pantry, med cabinet, liquor cabinet, treasure chest and armory (Keeping with my 5 B's: Beans, Bullets, Bullion, Booze and Buttwipe) I'm also helpful with Neighbors as much as I possibly can be.

One of my chores last week was to till up the elderly Neighbors garden spot for him. His wife usually rewards me with a pie or some cinnamon rolls as a Reward. When I'm 80-something, I hope there's a Neighbor that'll return the favor for me. Another Chore was GUbering (out here in the sticks, you can't find an Uber so you get GUber.) an elderly widow lady to the store and back. In addition, I've made sure my dad is well stocked and taken care of including taking him to a needed cardiologist appointment.

In short, I do my best to be the Neighbor I'd like to have.

There's times I fall short in that.

But other than wondering what the heck someone is going to do with 400 rolls of toilet paper, or why one person is wearing garbage bags as PPE, I'm not going to laugh at anyone.

I do hope that this changes the attitude of many, but the attitude of "We buy what we want and beg for what we need." really needs to end, so I'll hope that it does.

Because if anyone believes that this upheaval of our economy is going to be a temporary blip, and that nobody needs to learn to build reserves during the boom times and capacity during the bust times, then they're not learning a lesson they need to learn.
Amen brother! I am not stocked to the rafters but I'm better off than most. My wife and I are getting ready to head out and do some shopping for some older friends that don't need to be out in this.

All of this reminds me of the stories my grandmother told about ww2. The apartment building turned into its own little colony. They pooled their rations and the older women stayed home and cooked, did laundry and watched the kids while the able bodied women went to work in the factories supporting the war effort.
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