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The Classic SG is/was a flagship type of model. For years, it defined Wilson's most premium build. From Wilson's website at this moment:

"...our ultimate pistol -- the Classic Supergrade". https://www.wilsoncombat.com/classic-supergrade/

I can understand phasing out "one-off" and derivative (of something else) models such as the BBQ Spl, the Pinnacle, and BW Carry; but the Classic SG was WC's flagship... for years, perhaps decades. As described (accurately) in marketing material for years, this was/is Wilson's very best.

Discontinuing one's "ultimate" product is not something most businesses would undertake.

I'm wondering how much further Wilson will go in departing from the 1911 models and customer options (e.g., 38 Super chambering) that have defined WC for decades.

Separately, but perhaps important, I wonder what would occur if someone nominally ordered a Tactical SG, but then requested options (primarily adjustable rear sight) that, in effect, resulted in the gun matching a Classic SG? I.e., I wonder if the order be declined because the Classic SG is being discontinued?

Alternatively, if the order would be accepted, then the Classic SG lives on for practical purposes (presumably choice in rollmarking would also remain?). And I think this would make sense ... to move away from the somewhat artificial dichotomy of SG choices; instead make each SG build a product of customer specs (without the "Classic" versus "Tactical" terminology dichotomy).


As a happy, long-time Wilson customer, these comments are made with a desire to be constructive. That's the context.
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