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I was thinking about buying a 1911 when a friend of mine advised that I buy the best one on the market, expense be damned. He said the 1911 is one of those guns where you buy it and get good with it, then find there's a better pistol out there so you buy it. And you get good with it, only to find you can do better, etc. etc. So, buy the best one now and learn to use that. It'll take a long time, but you won't be buying a new gun every ten years or so.

So, on May 7, 1976, I put down $303.47 at Siegle's in Oakland CA, and walked out ten days later with a Colt, Mark IV Series '70 Gold Cup National Match. My friends thought I crazy for spending that much money.

I still have that pistol and my friend was right. I have other 1911's (Wilson, Kimber, Baer) and thanks to that first one I shoot all of them pretty well.
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