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Just plain 1911ís

Hello all, I am the New(old) guy on this forum and thanks for letting me enjoy this form. Well I'm almost 65, been shooting since I was around 7 years of age, and been working on kinds of firearms for around well over 40 years on all types of weapons. So many times I've overheard people talking about 1911's since they are a very popular firearm. I've been reading a lot of posts on this site about these pistols and quite a few of them have a lot of good info. I myself got ahold of a Taurus PT 1911, wanting to see what kind of pistol they are they made and shoot. And I'll have to say I was pretty impressed on its fit and finish and how well it shot. I did have to throat and polish the barrel in order to better fire hollow point ammo. Over the years I've had quite a few 1911's, everything From Springfields when they first came out with there 1911's to 70 & 80 series Gold Cups. I use to build them when someone bought a new gun and more money in accessories that than what the Gun cost new. And the main thing I could see is everyone should worry more about the Gun itself than the name of it. As far as I can see the Taurus is built pretty well with its hammer forged barrel and Frame. I don't really care for thier hammer with it's little built-in safety (seems kind of silly). The 1911 has plenty of safeties already on it. Plus it shoots pretty well. So that's just my 2 Cents
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