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No big surprise that running full auto would cook a barrel out pretty quick.

Originally Posted by Tom Freeman View Post
I have killed a couple M-16 barrels over the years.

Lots of full auto abuse. They were still running just fine, but only minute of coffee can accurate.

As far as good quality Kreiger barrels go shot only on semi and only getting moderately hot, it takes a season or two of shooting (4,000-5,000 rounds) before accuracy drops off and I pull them.
A little surprised at the 4,000-5,000 round drop off for a semi auto gun though. I have a heavy barreled S&W performance center gun 20" that is pushing up past six or seven thousand rounds (not sure what kind of factory barrel it is). I am not seeing any appreciable degradation of accuracy though. It loves the 62 grain Barnes TSX bullets on top of 24.5 gn of Varget that I load for it. Of course this shooter is only in the bush leagues. Although the S&B glass does help. Interesting.

I am waiting for good weather to see how the chrome lined barrel of the REC-7 that I bought the other day. How it compares to the stainless barrel of my Noveske that I have had for a while. What I hear is that the chrome lined barrels will not be in the same class accuracy wise, as the stainless barrels will be.

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