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Originally Posted by Plaidad View Post
A big part of the problem is that school districts adopt zero tolerance policies for all sorts of behavior. This lets the teachers and administrators off the hook so parents can't blame them for anything. "I'm sorry Mr. Smith, but the district has a zero tolerance policy."
Its zero tolerance only when it is convenient for them. Take the Parkland School Shooter. There were about 3 to 4 years of complaints about that little demented twerp. He would throw desks at the teachers and tell people he would be the next school shooter. They DID NOTHING! If you know the story, I need to say no more.

But, the zero tolerance policy wasn't in the agenda with the PROMISE program whereby, every thug and miscreant in the school system would be swept under the rug. The PROMISE program was intended to reduce the pipeline of school to prison by not charging kids with crimes so it would not hurt their chances of getting into college or getting a job.

They needed to artificially inflate good statistics about graduation and reduce the statistics on petty crime and violence to make their liberal agenda look good. They lied about everything.

A Florida Grand jury came out with a report a few months ago saying that the school administrators need to be held accountable, possibly criminally for lying about school safety.

Danger Imminent If Schools Don’t Comply Now With Safety Laws, Grand Jury Report Says
Broward County rose as an example of flawed emergency communications, under-reported student issues and last-second scrambles to comply with statewide school-safety laws in a statewide grand jury report released late Wednesday.
Yes... there is a zero tolerance, but only when it is convenient for them.
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