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Originally Posted by partsproduction View Post

The way I see it is that a serious movement needs to be established, founded on the Constitution, on Freedom and the rights of mankind. Not rights to murder and enslave others for greed's sake, but the right to work hard and build a life, a good life that hurts no one else.
This movement needs careful planning and implementation, in all things legally per the Constitution, because we know the Founder's expected us to overthrow tyrants, so there has to be a legally declared opposition with the fall back of the righteous use of arms by all who love this country.
It's also clear that there can be no legal right to take up arms against the Constitution, so anyone who opposes the movement is a true outlaw and needs to be dealt with, with compassion if possible but with strength and determination if not.

This pathway is so clearly set before us that any other path looks stupid by comparison because we cannot negotiate away our Constitutional rights. We have to establish a new government, within the old one if possible but by any means if not, because those who oppose the Framer's ideas is a traitor, pure and simple.
Well said. Thank you!!

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