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Originally Posted by Big Pete10 View Post
Last time we tried to secede Lincoln tried to kill all of us and then we were under carpet bagger rule, still are to a certain extent.
You did not have places like chicago to point to as exhibit A of what join the CSA back then. You could just warn what might happen. This time it wont be north south. It will be conservatives and liberals and i predict it will go down like cowboys and indians with conservatives being the cowboys.

Think of it. We hunt, shoot, fish and the other side has an issue with knowing there are only two genders and that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. I like our odds.

As bad as things have gotten I think next time it will be until the last baby is killed type war which i hope it never comes to that, but the writing is on the wall on where our nation is headed. And if you really want to be honest who is causing it and who is using who to cause it.