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Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
I can shoot my 3 inch Kimber almost as well as my carry comp, it's after all only 6.4 seconds vs 4.8.........

It all depends on what "almost" means and how much effort that almost requires. One in may be able to turn in a mindless FAST, devil, bill, failure etc with little to no effort that is a very good time and another gun may match it with a hell of a lot more practice or effort. That's why when I review something I spend so much time discerning and illustrating how much it takes to make a particular gun do what you want it to do, I CAN shoot my CZ shadow as well as my full-size 9mm Wilson but it's not as easy and on an average showing cold the 1911 simply has less recoil, recovers faster, points better, and requires less effort.

I suspect that's what's happening here. Similar to how I can shoot my X9 "close to" my full-size 9 or Ed Brown or WCCC if I really really go for it.
Couple of things:

In Par-1 what drill are you measuring FAST? ie, 6.4 vs 4.8.?...Are they both 45 in 230?

Agree, more time behind the wheel of the smaller gun helps close the gap btwn the two. Also think the most important drill one does is the first (cold)-drill, more realistic than anything else.
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