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Negligent Discharge at Home

So I have been carrying and shooting handguns for almost 40 years...never an ND...til tonight.

Had been at range with my S&W Model 10 nightstand gun. After 24 rounds of factory Winchester Silvertips. it got sluggish in rotating. Then the cylinder froze/ Could not even cock single action. Opened and emptied cylinder. Cleaned chambers. Fired 12 more rounds. The same frozen action. Rounds seated properly!

Went home. Put CA Bulldog .44spl with CT grip in nightstand while I clean and look at Smith.
Got busy. Never looked at Smith.
In bedroom. Saw the Bulldog in drawer and thought since that gun had had a similar problem before going back to factory, I would try a rotation check twice around. Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok ,ok ok
BAM! So...after doing rotation checks thousands of times with revolvers, my finger slipped off the hammer and my finger was off the trigger just too late.

Makes you anxious. Bullet (165 grain Hornady) went through width of two pillows (maybe 36" of stuffing) and through the sheetrock. Nervously went outside to look. Relieved to find it did not penetrate the outer wall of plywood and siding.

At least this fool had the muzzle pointed in a "safe direction."

Have read an ND will happen someday if you handle firearms enough. Because you get (I got) complacent. Worked the action too fast.

I do feel ashamed. I post this as a reminder to others.

Oh-it is really true that low pressure rounds have a smaller sound signature. It was loud but not painful to my ears. I guess the .44spl and .45 Colt are well suited to HD....
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