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How to tell if a pistol is a fake?

Just curious, do people make fake or knock off STI pistols?
I posted another thread about an STI 1911 Guardian with a bobtail grip.
Cannot find anything indicating STI ever made a Guardian with a bobtail.

Next, it appears to have the Georgetown TX markings on the frame, but that looks like it was stamped on top of other markings. I can barely make out South Korea in the pictures.

And last, the slide is blued. Every picture I can find of a 1911 Guardian, it has a polished stainless slide.

I can't get to the shop until Tuesday to take another ( closer ) look at it. Is there anything that might be obvious that would verify it is actually an STI, or not?

If it's real, I think the price is okay. But if it's not real, I'd be getting burned.

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