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Honestly. I think its going to come down to how well and accurately you can place shots. Ive heard that many "professionals" are now practicing on headshots and quick debilitating shots such as to the hip joints due to the amount of people now wearing body armor. If this were true (and im not saying it is) then it would only make sense to use what you are most proficient with using as a minimum a 9mm.

With that being said. Ive gone to my EDC of a glock 43 back to my Glock 19 w/a spare mag using speer GD 124gr +p or winchester rangers 124gr +p. I shoot both very well but feel better with the longer range accuracy of the 19 while still affording the best concealment for my body type and environment in South Florida... I have carried my .45's when weather permits an extra garment to throw over to help conceal My Springfield Mil Spec and now my Combat Commander and even though theyre heavy as hell, Im very very accurate with them... just my 2 cents...
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