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Originally Posted by crasig View Post
I keep getting offered free (except shipping & handling) Pistol holding MAGNETS that screw onto flat surfaces, by an online firm.
I'm sure they could be pretty useful, but I'm not comfortable with MAGNETIZING a steel handgun. Some while ago I kept parts in a magnetic
parts dish, while working on a pistol, & didn't like the way they picked up filings & stuck to each other, where I was working. I am unsure of possible metallurgic changes that could occur, & can't prove magnetizing a handgun would hurt it, but I can't see doing it - unless proven - it was good for it. Since there's no data. i've decided to just use a brass rod down the barrel to hang a pistol - if I ever need to.
If this seems silly - then have a laugh on me. Not having steel case ammo & particles - stuck to my pistol.
I don't think snapping the slide onto a magnet will result in (much) magnetism if any at all. I remember from high school science class that in order to magnetize steel, you need to stroke in one direction with a really strong magnet in order to get the atoms to align in one direction. I remember my science teacher magnetizing a screw driver using this method to get it to pick up screws.

Why don't you test it out, by snapping on off a slide, then sprinkling metal filings and see if they are attracted?
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