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Originally Posted by FightinTXAggie View Post
How about just show a little gumption?

It is a training exercise; everyone present, officers and staff, are well aware of that...I bet someone just standing up, turning around, and getting pissed---you know, standing up for themselves and starting to protect themselves---would get a big 'ol round of applause from the officers, and a Gold Star for the day.

Nobody is trying to be an internet Tough Guy. Nobody trying to be Bruce Willis here. I doubt it would be necessary to kill one of the training officers in order to get their point across, that they were willing/going to fight, not just give up and get 'executed' (like what happened, apparently, to all involved).

Come on, guys...use your heads a little. Or, tell us what YOU think the training is attempting to accomplish. Just a great opportunity to pelt the local teachers with Airsoft, "Execution Style", then go out for a beer?
The main question is did the trainers need to actually shoot the
teachers with pellets which the trainers probably knew WOULD
HURT the teachers?

Perhaps a loud "gun noise" would have been sufficient or even
a tap on the shoulder of a teacher to let them know they were
failing the exercise by being submissive.

But shooting them multiple times with the pellets, what nonsense!

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