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I do seat and crimp in separate stations for rifle, but have always seated and crimped in the same station for pistol. I have thought about it, I just do not know whether I want to get a Factory Crimp Die, or just pull the seating stem out of the Seating/Crimp die I have that is still setup on the turret tool head. On one hand, I hate to pull the stem out and use that one because it would mean that the entire set of dies becomes useless. On the other hand, the idea is to migrate from the turret press to the 550 so I really do not need to keep a tool head setup for 9mm on the turret. Even though I do not see myself using it, I just hate to have an incomplete set of dies.

As for the 4th station… right now it is empty. When, and if, I move to crimping in a separate station, that will fill it. The only other thing I could think of would be to put a powder check die in station 3 and move seating/crimping to station 4, but I think I would prefer to add a separate station for crimping rather than putting in a powder check die. I am already in a good position to visually check the powder in the case before placing a bullet into the case mouth and I really like consistency in my reloading between calibers. Since I do not have a 5th station to add a powder check die for rifle, I do not really want to add one for my pistol calibers, it would just add a level of inconsistency between reloading for rifle and reloading for pistol. Maybe it is all psychological, or maybe I have a touch of OCD , but for me it is all about consistency in the operation of the press. I do not want it to operate one way for one caliber and another way for another caliber.

I also called Dillon about the Powder Measure Fail-Safe Rod yesterday and they said to bend the top of it so that it was a 90* angle and it did hang straight down when installed. They said it would make a difference, although they didn’t say what the difference would be. They also said not to worry about “buggering it up”, that they would send me a new one if I did. So I went ahead and pulled out a pair of channel locks and a heavy duty pair of needle nosed pliers and bent it to a 90* angle. It now hangs straight down when installed. I do not see much, if any, difference in operation, but the white plastic bushing does slip into, and out of, the Return Bracket much more easily.

The other thing I did was to take a set of primer pickup tubes that I already had and put the extra plastic ends that came with the press on them. Well, I found that this was not a great idea. They were so tight that they would not fit on all the way and now I can’t get them off without breaking them. Not a big deal, these tubes did not come with plastic ends anyway and I don’t really think I need them (the tubes have holes in them for the retaining clips in the body of the tubes themselves), but I hate the idea of having to break them off. Well, lesson learned. I will be getting an additional set of tubes when I get my next conversion kit anyway, this will give me 6 Dillon tubes (3 large and 3 small) plus this extra set that I had lying around. I figure that having 4 of each size should be more than enough for me.
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