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Originally Posted by GySgt 7291 View Post
I've encountered some sticking with the carbide dies also with new brass. I do clean the dies about once a month which is about 1k rounds, never much residue. The taper die has more than any of the others, fine brass residue and a little heavier after using new casings.
The reason I referred to it as too clean is I only noticed sticking on the flaring die after I discontinued walnut media. A light misting of one shot and mixing the batch by hand for a minute takes care of it.
A couple of the older and wiser bullseye shooters at our club had referred to wet tumbling as too clean.
Interesting, Iíve been wet tumbling for a couple years now and have never felt any issue when flaring either .45ís or 9ís. Prior to that it was just dry tumbling before doing anything since the 70ís. And again, Iíve never used a progressive, only single stage for me.

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