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New subcompact Pro Series .45

This thread really caught my attention when I decided last month to sell my Colt Commander for something slightly smaller, more concealable while still staying with a .45. The first session with the new pistol resulted in 4 failures to completely return the slide to battery. After cleaning the pistol, which I didn't do the first time out, reversing the spring and oiling a bit it shot great! No failures of any kind with 30 rounds being fired. A variety of ammo, reload, JHP, FMJ, 180 to 230 grain. I will be using Hornady 200 grain XTP in it. Very pleased with how it feels when firing, had to get several new holsters to go with it. (I cringe when I look in the holster drawer). It carries well, shoots nice with no kick issues due to the light frame. Sights are great, except maybe at night. As much as I liked my Commander it was always just a bit heavy and large to carry on a regular basis. This 3 incher will easily carry on a daily basis with me. I keep a snubby for when I really need something that will just drop into a pocket. The rest of the time,with a variety of holsters, I am set with this .45. Gee, can you tell I am happy with my new pistol?
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