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Originally Posted by jjfitch View Post
Interesting thread above. I have both internal and several S&W's with external extractors.

My early PC 1911 has a 2 digit JMB serial number and a couple of E-Series along with several modern designed S&W's. (59xx,45xx and M39) All with external extractors.

Never a problem with any, period! Smith is still perfecting the thing since around the early 1960's!

Another thing not mentioned was the 1935, JMB: BHP with external extractor!

Well, S&W "perfected" their extractors over a long period. Even the 1911oids; the SWs have a narrow extractor that Mr Yam didn't like, the Es a wide one.

Mr Browning was long dead, and Msr Saive probably retired by the time the bean counters at FN put in the external extractor and roll pin.
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