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Originally Posted by cdriver View Post
This thread really caught my attention when I decided last month to sell my Colt Commander for something slightly smaller, more concealable while still staying with a .45. The first session with the new pistol resulted in 4 failures to completely return the slide to battery. After cleaning the pistol, which I didn't do the first time out, reversing the spring and oiling a bit it shot great! No failures of any kind with 30 rounds being fired. A variety of ammo, reload, JHP, FMJ, 180 to 230 grain. I will be using Hornady 200 grain XTP in it. Very pleased with how it feels when firing, had to get several new holsters to go with it. (I cringe when I look in the holster drawer). It carries well, shoots nice with no kick issues due to the light frame. Sights are great, except maybe at night. As much as I liked my Commander it was always just a bit heavy and large to carry on a regular basis. This 3 incher will easily carry on a daily basis with me. I keep a snubby for when I really need something that will just drop into a pocket. The rest of the time,with a variety of holsters, I am set with this .45. Gee, can you tell I am happy with my new pistol?
Nice choice, but you're gonna regret selling that gun one day. Don't sell em, just buy another one.
"Real men carry steel guns, plastic is for squirt guns" - Jeff Cooper
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