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My post shoulder surgery load was as low as 3.4 gr of Bullseye with a 200 gr. bullet and my stock sprung 4" STI Guardian still ran (I was surprised it ran that light but ejection is weak) it was extremely accurate & way softer than any 9mm!! It's very dirty at that low charge weight. Upped the charge a few times, every .2 up to 4.4gr. Cleaner burning as you go up but my best accuracy loads were the 3.4gr and 3.8gr.

Switched over to Clays.... similar accuracy and light recoil but MUCH cleaner at low charge weights. 4.0gr Clays under a 200gr RNF (precision bullets) lead coated bullet. I also run 185 gr plated (RMR )bullets over 4.0 or 4.2 gr Clays... Both those loads runs my gun with stock springs.

I've gone lighter but you would probably have to change springs.

Heal well, friend!
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