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Originally Posted by Buccaneer12 View Post

The problem is a lot of cops are under the impression that arresting John Q Public with a pistol is the same as getting a felon in possession, and the Sgt’s stat book back at the station doesnt differentiate one gun arrest from another. Its also easier to cruise the ‘burbs pulling BS traffic stops than it is getting into the grit of a city where the crime actually is and you have to actually do police work.

As much as id like to say youre fine, it all comes down to the cop that has you.
OP was advised to either look up his States Statutes online or call the SAs Office to determine if he had to have his CCW license in physical possession....

I don’t know where YOU worked “ years and years ago,” but I retired from a large Metro Dept. that assigned Patrol sectors inside Zones. My Guys would typically respond to between 25- 40 calls each every 10 hr. Shift.

We had a dedicated Traffic Unit with Motors and AIU traffic homicide Units to chase traffic.

The prior corrupt, incompetent administration ,along with the socialist propaganda media has done nothing but try to destroy and demonize Police. The disrespect common today is disgraceful and unacceptable. Don’t be part of it.