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Colt 1911 rosewood grips with gold colt medallions!

Hello my uncle wanted me to look at some colt 1911s grips with gold medallions cause they look nice and i would like some and happy with the grips on mine but also i heard and seen videos of good and fake colt 1911 grips and i went on ebay and founded these and heres the link! There around 23 bucks and free shipping its colt 1911 rosewood grips with gold medallions in the middle and they look good but do these grips look very good and is this a good pricecolt 1911 grips? I like the medallions to be centered and my uncle said that too and I can still use the same 1911 grip screws and its simple to change 1911 grips? And heres a video i was mentioning! And the ebay link!


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