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Originally Posted by Tom Freeman View Post
Desert Eagles and Coonans suck to shoot. Not comfortable at all.

Coonans dont run with anything less than full power loads.
Buying a Coonan and running low power loads is like ordering sports car with a 4 cylinder engine.

In all seriousness, 10mm is probably the best compromise for big bore autoloaders. Everything else is either comically large, or finicky.

Like dsk said, the 30 carbine is niche round, that isn't ideal for anything. It is the akward middle man between handgun rounds, and intermediate rifle rounds. An AKM is only 1 pound heavier than an M1 carbine, and fires a much more effective round. There is a plethora of capable rounds for bolt guns. Limiting yourself to the anemic 30 carbine would make zero sense unless you had a mountain of it in your house.
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