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I'm thinking about a whole house/natural gas but my neighbor got one five years ago and the power hasn't failed yet for more than an hour. Of course, we're in hurricane country as well as ice storms, tornados, big snows and basically everything else, and the power has gone out here for multiple days in the winter and summer, one time each since moving here in 1994. However, since then, the power company has done a lot of work in the right-of-ways and the power has been boringly reliable - ever since Bill spent $10K on the generator. I thank him all the time for stepping up and making that sacrifice. Also, all power within the development is underground so any disruption has to be caused off-site.
Then my wife started bugging me about getting one. I was all for it at first, but now I'm thinking of all the other projects I can use that money on that will be of immediate benefit rather than waiting for the blackout that might not come. For example, we have really good groundwater here although we're all on municipal water and sewer. I'd like to put in a well to supply an irrigation system which would make all the difference in the world for the lawn - I can get an irrigation meter but the water bill can get high in the summer, and in a drought they put on water restrictions. The asphalt driveway needs to be redone - get my drift? But as sure as I don't put in the generator, the damn power will go out for a week and I'll never hear the end of it.
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