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Originally Posted by SFC Rick View Post
I'll step in on this topic. I have had a Generac 17kw for over 12 years now. It's the typical wired into the house circuit and propane 200gal tank. It has never failed us yet. The unit self starts and runs each week to test and charge the battery. We have run it 3weeks 24/7 during a Hurricane strike (actually 2 hurricanes) the first was only 2 weeks run time. It is able to completely run all of the house appliances and A/C central heat and air. Total convenience and certainly makes life easier. We know when there is a blackout when the lights go out for 45 seconds and the generator kicks in. BTW this is the best $5000 I ever spent, and if I ever move...the generator is going with me.
Similar experience. 20KW Kohler. Longest outage was 5 days. Whole house generator = money well spent.
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