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I went with a GE 13K plumbed into the natural gas line. Comes on automagically, it has a 50 amp load shedding switch hooked up to the a/c but it's never kicked in. It runs my whole panel, we have a pump on the well and the septic so it's kind of important to keep the septic tank flowing. I'm only 2 miles from the largest gas storage facility in the NW, it's honeycombed under some local hills. There are many folks in the area collecting royalties from wells on their properties. Unfortunately the attempt to drill gas on my property only resulted in what they call fizzy water but I have a 16" and a 24" main on my property along the hwy. NG is cheap and abundant around here and is always flowing.
I had the gennie planned into the house when built, it's almost 6 years old, comes on weekly to exercise and has never needed anything other than an oil change. I had it professionally wired in. The cost wasn't too bad considering it was a new build, I bought the generator (~$4k), the electrician wired it in and the gas guys plumbed a line to it. I wasn't charged for the concrete slab or installation. I had it running for 5 days straight one time, not a problem.

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