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Massively excellent review.

Outstanding detail and insight. Folks may or may not share the experiences nor may they agree with them....but I feel that everyone can benefit from your postings on this gun.

Far too often the range reviews are simple...."went to the range today, ran two boxes through XYZ gun in caliber ABC. Love the gun." There's little substance to them to better understand a person's familiarity of the weapon (for example: "Gun ran poorly" only to find out the person has zero experience with the type of gun: 1911, striker fired, SA/DA, revolver, etc). Type of grip used, distance, wind/weather and often are missing. Accuracy expectations, normal accuracy, etc, etc.

You nailed all of these......and gave us pics.....glorious pics. Videos, too. Very helpful.

I'm far from finished reading through it all.

I began reading from my iPhone prior to falling asleep last night. I didn't view the videos due to being in bed with my bride and not wanting to disturb her....although a few range videos would have been enjoyed.

I've had time to get some coffee and get further into it this morning. Very interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to share this on the forum.

The WC EXC X9 is a gun that's been on my radar for a while. I tend to carry commander 1911s and enjoy shooting them. That being said....a higher capacity 9mm is not a bad thing.....especially one that carries in very similar fashion as the commanders that I enjoy.

I've carried a Gen4 G19 for a few years and have to admit that I respect the gun immensely. It has run flawlessly. It rides nicely in a MS Criterion and has been more fun on the range than I ever expected. Big hands here, so the large beavertail backstrap and a GAP floorplate work best for me....but long range sessions do present some blisters due to cramped hand. I think the Gen5 version may work even better for me since the dreaded fingergrooves are gone. I hate fingergroove grips on any handgun. I see them on a 1911 and can't help but cringe. To each his own. I don't like my hand cramped by them.

Yessir, I really like the idea of 9mm carry gun with 15+1 capability.

I really liked the CZ75 in terms of feel in hand and SA accuracy, but the overall size of the gun and ultimately the DA/SA transition didn't work for me.

I've tried on different occasions to embrace the P220 & P226 series. As much as I wanted to love 'em....I simply never developed the skill with them that I felt was warranted. The G19 or commanders were way more accurate on draw, first shot and followup shots. By a large margin. Classic Sigs...as much as I wanted to love 'em....just not my thing.

I'd always thought I'd give a Hi Power a try. The times I've shot them have been very interesting. The three I've fired each had vastly different sights, grips and trigger feels. I felt confident that were I to get one set up to my liking that it may dominate my carry guns to the point of exclusion of others, lol. Turns out I waited too long and missed that ship. I'm not interested in trying to source parts & guru's for an out of production gun. Clones from Turkey hold zero interest to me.

The Dan Wesson DWX and the smaller carry version are of interest. It'll be cool to see what they come up with.

The WC EDC X9 is appealing to me, though. Small enough to have good carry comfort, large enough to handle well and tote an impressive payload. Lifetime warranty from a company that is well known for doing things right by it's customers.

Large hands....but the grips & trigger seem to offer changeability to accommodate.

I wish the gun was steel framed....but that's just my own hangup. Truth is the reduced weight will be welcome and as stated, WC will stand behind it for life so my hangup is really a moot point.

Last night from my initial cellphone read I was puzzled about the initial targets you posted. The test targets I've seen that accompany these guns are one-hole groups for the most part. Yours were not as tight and I was unable to see the posting so well from my cellphone.

Everything made perfect sense later this morning when I had the benefits of coffee and my laptop where I could not only read the content better but could watch the videos without bothering sleeping folks.

The rate of fire of the videos fully explained the grouping. You were going at it superfast. Videos explained it all.

I've surprised at the initial trigger feel. You dealt with it and obtained what must be a super feel. 3.5lbs & crisp is super in my opinion.

My only hangups on the gun was being able to find one locally to handle....determine what trigger & grip config is perfect for me......and then peeling of the ~ $3,000 skins that these gems cost.

The last consideration I'd have to make is if I'd want rail or not.

Well......I'm now heading back to the review and watching the videos.
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