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Striker: "The other MASSIVE issue I have with the X9 is that it is SLOWER and LESS accurate than my main carry gun as I have clearly outlined above in the shooting performance section of this review. Even though the X9 is a 9mm gun I was unable to match the speed and accuracy of my main carry using FULL POWER HST+P ammo with underpowered 115g 9mm range ammo trying harder with the X9 with also more shots and overall time behind the X9 during the time each video was shot for each gun. Now with over 3800 rounds on my carry comp there is literally no hope of the X9 ever even tying it for speed/accuracy. There is ZERO incentive for me to get fewer, less effective rounds on target less accurately in a gun that is harder to conceal. It would make absolutely no sense for me to objectively downgrade ALL my performance metrics just to have more rounds in the gun and less weight."

Granted, as you indicated, the above comments are about (your) personal choice, but it is a fine expose about the pro's and con's of any 2 guns. One has to go beyond the obvious (extra rounds) and look at speed, accuracy, and round for round firepower. You made a great point about the ease of carrying 1911 mags, and in the rare-instance (statistics support that reloads in civilian SD are indeed very rare), reloading is a very viable option...I'm not saying everyone should come to the same conclusion, but each shooter is wise to look at all these attributes, when making a carry-choice...As for me, I am a big fan of comped-45 and have backed up my belief with 2, a WC-Carry comp, and an STI-CC. We have a lawsuit in Federal Court to get carry rights in NJ, so it is coming in a couple of years. The STI has more rounds, but the WC is a tighter carry package, they will work well together here over the 4 season's we have and the different attires...And it looks like after almost 2 months of 70, 80, and 90% humidity, I am finally going to shoot them again, Thursday and Friday, two gorgeous days of mid-50's humidity. Hooray! :-)
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