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I reload a lot of ammo for MGs, target shooting in a lot of calibers. I would go broke buying little plastic boxes for all of it. I bag lots up in ziplock freezer bags, and then into labeled 30 & 50 cal cans . as noted by others, some of the cans get fairly heavy. The bags make it easy for me to grab some ammo to go to the range or to link up / load into mags without carrying a heavy can all over the house. I do try to seal the cans up when it is low humidity here. Otherwise, I have 1918 dated 45 ammo that I have shot up - no idea how it was stored, but it all shot fine even the slightly corroded stuff. the flip side is 303 ammo I shot some of 20 years ago, is now giving me duds. sometimes old ammo just does not shoot. But my reloads all seem to work fine, stored as is...
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