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Originally Posted by magazineman View Post
I've come to the conclusion that you CANNOT kill ammo with poor storage.

I've fired 50 y/o paper shotshells that were stored in a damp Cadillac trunk. No problems. Cycled an Auto 5 easily.

I've cleaned green goo off of rounds garage-stored loose in open coffee cans. Then fired no problem.

I got a massive pile of .45 & .30-06 kept in a brutally hot corrugated roof shed, baked in the San Diego sun since Korea. Rat's had been peeing & pooping on it for decades, & shredding the cardboard boxes . I chucked the top layer of rounds then cleaned & shot most of the rest. I still have some.

And who knows how all the WW1 surplus I've fired was stored? Probably in a series of dusty warehouses between bales of rope and pallets of tent pegs. For 90 years.

I would not sweat this issue AT ALL.
I agree completely. I got all hung up on it when I started getting into shooting after my father passed, I ended up with the ammo he had- mixed reloads in those plastic cases you mentioned, boxes that were mostly 40+ years old that had been stored loose in a cedar gun cabinet in a basement at around 60-70% humidity- no issues.
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