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I can't even believe I am wading into this mess....

But here goes.....

I have had some experience with a whole bunch of Taurus 1911s. All at once. I am sure on the day they were bought new, they all shot and reasonably hit their targets.

But after some mileage, these pieces of junk were literally falling apart on the range. LITERALLY.

What's my point you ask? Just another guy bashing Taurus. Well I am not.

Here is why. What people who post these "mine goes bang every time" threads fail to realize is that not all members of this forum are equal. And their lives aren't equal and their use levels aren't equal. I am sure the guy who posts MGBET (Mine Goes Bang Every time) threads is being honest. A guy who shoots 500 or 1000 rounds a year is tickled pink with the MGBET pistol. Because it does.

But there are members on this forum who easily shoot 5000-15,000 rounds a year through a weapon. At these levels of use, function talks and bovine scathology walks.

One user isn't better than another, but his perspective is. A "shooter" may shoot more in a year than most "gun-guys" shoot in a lifetime.

Again my point?

On average these Taurus' weren't anywhere near the 5,000 round mark yet they were falling like skirts on prom-night. A guy who is lucky to shoot 500 rounds in a year, no biggie. It is a MGBET pistol. For the guy who shoots 500 rounds in a day, Taurus is a big piece of crap.

But you know what smug non-Taurus owners? Chances are a 3rd of you also carry and praise a pistol that is a big piece of crap. It's amazing how many of them there are.


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