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I've had one for a while now, and while I haven't had any problems with it (eats what I feed it, shoots accurately and consistently etc) it's just "okay". The overall "feel" of the weapon is like a bunch of parts have just been put together, but not FIT together. The OP brought up a good point though, it didn't cost anywhere near what some of my others did either. Bottom line for me is that for the $$$ you're paying, you're getting a decent 1911 that does what you need it to do. If you have the money, or want the fit/feel of a premier 1911, then pass it by, but if $$$ are tight, or you are just wanting a mediocre 1911 to add to the stable, then I don't feel any need to steer anyone clear of it. For what you pay for it, if you decide to upgrade later, you will get most of your $$$ back anyway.
Good luck!
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