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I owned the 9mm version for about a year. I traded it for a CZ 75B when an opportunity arose. I just consider the CZ75B to be a superior firearm.
I could not fault the Taurus 9mm 1911. It functioned without issue with a variety of ammo types. It was not near the rattle trap of my RIA .45 acp 1911 government model (however it functions great as well). The Taurus shot where I pointed it and went bang when I pulled the trigger. Some of my acquaintances with vastly more expensive 1911s could not say that.
As to service, never needed it for my 1911. I did on a 709 I owned. Sent it off 3 times, came back 3 times and I traded it in after the third time with the repair tape still on the grip. That particular firearm was the first generation of that series. I had lots of FTEs with it. I hear that model is much better.
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