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I bought one when they first came out. As a matter of fact I had the first one in my group of shooting friends and relatives to have one. It was $499 as I recall back then. Anyway mine was O.K. Many of my friend and relatives shot mine and decided to buy one. Sadly most of them had problems with theirs like ambi safeties falling off etc. and to make matters worse I guess Taurus was not good to deal with about getting things fixed.

Old news now and I don't know what they are like today. Still have mine and every now and then I do still shoot it but am careful who I go shoot it with. We need a picture. I wonder if they still have the lock on the top of the hammer?

You might want to go and read some in the Taurus area of the forum to see what problems, if any, people have been having in recent years.
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