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Originally Posted by fildugn View Post
Some people on this forum are too free with their opinions.

I owned a pt1911 for several months. It was accurate and reliable. For the money, no one else comes close to the standard features.

That said, you can add $100.00 and buy a new Kimber. It'll be too big to carry too!
Once again I question the constant claims that a 1911 is too big to carry. Obviously people have and do carry them, I have carried my RIA GI in the past without any undue discomfort. I could mull over the virtues of its relatively slim profile or its point of aim, however I can merely say that I've never felt bogged down by it in quality leather on a good gunbelt.

FBI Agents and gangsters alike carried them in the roaring twenties, several permit holders aside from myself have carried them, people still continue to carry them. Was there some change in the Earth's gravitational pull that made the 1911 "too" heavy? Was I not notified? I find the lack of notification disturbing because I am certain I left instructiosn to be paged in the event of such an event. Is the coming of 2012 weighing us down?

A lot of it comes down to personal opinion and philosophy. Said things are subjective to the individual, I do however question those that attempt to state rather personal philosophy as outright fact.

My issue on the Taurus thus far is that their QC seems a bit spotty from the varied places I've asked around at (two thumb safety breaks at the local gunshop and few complaints about fit and finish) I'll happily but a PT92 and I've given thought to their snubby revolvers for the rare days in the summer when I find myself too lightly dressed to warrant an large auto or revolver...just a bit wary of their 1911's for now.
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