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That eighty-one year old geezer is rather active and was moreso back in the day...the biggest change for me between winter and summer attire is that I no longer wear a jacket. I don't wear skinny jeans (really, I don't feel you need to know my parents religious denomination) and besides, if you're talking about bulk how wide is a Glock 20? Not excactly a lean and limber little carry piece...and 24/7 carry? I usually sleep seven to eight hours of the day and I certainly don't carry in my home...oddly 24/7/365 carry is meant to make things sound strangely dire, as if you are chained to that gun each and every moment....when I go to school CC or any kind of carry is a no-no, I certainly don't see my sleeping with my gun (though I do wonder about some of the more zealous gun owners out there) So, you can infer from this what you will but whatever you think I don't need or do need is fine with you and me.

Plenty of people who are active carry heavier autos, pardon me if I don't assume that my on-the-go lifestyle prohibits certain carry options. My dad is an active person and for years he carried a large frame revolver, not exactly light but doable. The aforementioned Sheriff worked Narcotics before he was a sheriff and he carried that gun even when undercover. I'm not saying that I know it all, I cerainly would never deign to do that. General individual ideology is the best...for that individual.

1911 Lawman, I agree with you Taurus has been given the shaft quite often and for a short while even by me; I've handled and for a short while owned a PT92 and was impressed with the gun despite my misgivings about the brand. Not the nicest finish, not the greatest trigger but when I did my part the gun put bullets where I aimed them and that's all I ask in a defensive handgun when it comes to accuracy (how many gunfights happen at twenty-five yards whilst you sit at a bench heck how many happen at fifteen yards)

I might have scrounged up an extra three hundred however (simply put a ship came in a bit early) that I can put towards a gun along with the trade and the current budgered amount I've allowed myself it does put me up around a grand even. So, I have a slightly larger number of options opened to me...I am open to suggestions barring anything with a rail system (don't really need one of those I like to keep my Surefire flashlight seperate)
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