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Considering a Taurus 1911

I'm considering a Taurus 1911 after weighing my options and my budget (going to college and considering law enforcement) for a CCW. I currently have an RIA GI and a S&W Service 6 but I'd like a supped up 1911 as a carry piece...

I considered a Para or Kimber but due to budgetary constraints they're a bit out of my current league (I'm buying an 86 Bronco next month and starting a restomod on a 2 door 67 Impala this summer) I've talked to a few folks who've owned the Taurus, I got to shoot one last week and I was fairly impressed with the handling and accuracy, I've researched a few articles but I trust your average gun rag about as far as one can throw them into hurricane force winds and I understand that a six hundred gun with that many features can't be flaw free.

My local shop can get me one for about 615 and they'll give me 375 in trade on a rifle I never shoot but before I put cash on the counter I'd like to hear about trials and tribulations from the weapon from people who do some serious shooting. I use Kimpro mags and I plan on eventually having the safety replaced with a right hand safety as I've never been a fan of ambi-safeties? The people I know that own them are plinkers who run factory ammo but I wonder about their reliability with reloads, I usually run 230 GR Hornady XTP's that I load myself and after light work on my RIA and new Wolff springs they feed beautifully in that gun.

My other option is a Springfield Mil-Spec or RIA tactical, I would love the Taurus with tritium sights however if the gun lives up to a quarter of the hype.
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