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I had two, sent one in to Hornady + 250.00 (kept the measure) for a LNL. Almost wish I'd kept the Projector. The particular LnL I got was a mess at first, kept fooling with it and finally got it to work pretty good. The shim mod was the real fix. The rest was just tweeking here and there.
The remaining Projector works like a champ including priming. I take care of the priming parts as I know I'll not get anymore replacements. You can make another primer cam, longer with a steeper angle that will slow down the movement of the primer arm. That mod made priming much more reliable. The old primer feed design seems to be much more tolerant of errant tumbler media and spent primer residue than the LnL slide system. If I ever bugger up the priming parts I'll just keep the press and prep brass on it.
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